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Online Foot Worship Sessions and Clips

Online Foot Worship Sessions and Clips

If you are too nervous to meet Me, or you live in another country then online Foot worship sessions and clips are ideal for you. No doubt you have seen some of My content and now you’re totally enamoured by My charms and desperate to impress or entertain Me.
I like to use My fetish clips as a tool in which to further indoctrinate you into being the perfect foot boy. Hearing My voice and seeing My feet in full HD on your screen everywhere you go and being deeply immersed into My world.

Custom Clips

By requesting a custom fetish clip, you get to direct your very own clip.
I love hearing your ideas, whether it’s something simple or elaborate and weird. Ideally I would like you to give Me baseline ideas, so that I can put My creative spin on it and we can work together to create something amazing.
If you would like to order a custom clip, please email Me

Online Domination

Most of My online domination sessions happen on My Onlyfans via direct messages where I am online chatting for several hours a day. If you’re not subscribed yet, then I suggest you do so now if you want to keep up to date with all things Goddess Penelope

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