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During My foot fetish sessions in London I love to indulge in various types of foot fetish play and foot worship

Foot Fetish Play and Foot Worship

During My foot fetish sessions in London I love to indulge in various types of foot fetish play and foot worship.

I absolutely ADORE having My perfect feet worshipped and pampered, this makes Me the perfect Foot Goddess for foot fetishists.

My creamy dreamy soft soles will be the most softest that you’ve ever encountered, feeling the warmth of them against your face as you’re laid under Me, as I use you as a footstool.
Following this I may grant you the permission to massage and caress My feet, taking care of them to the highest standards. They’re used to being very well cared for, so I expect you to do the same. If you fail at this, I may punish you with a barefoot trample, feeling the weight of Me on top on your body.

With just one glimpse of My feet you’ll want to meet them in real life, and with one sniff you’ll be addicted to the sweet aroma of My delicious tootsies, you won’t be able to remove your tongue from My toes, as they are the most perfect 10 you’ll ever feast your eyes upon. Just remember, that if you make any mistakes, you will be punished. I expect perfect behaviour at all times.

My foot domination sessions are held in a play space in North London Zone 1, where you can meet Me, your London Foot Goddess and indulge in My beautiful feet.

Foot Worship

Simple, pure foot worship. Kneel before Me as I sit back, My perfect soles propped up mere inches from your face, and on My command, you may worship them. Rub them, kiss them, sniff them, lick them, suck on My toes, fall under their spell, and thank Me for the privilege with your eagerness to please Me.

High Heel Worship

I have something of a fetish for shoes Myself. My fetish is a bit different from yours though. While I admire my Louboutin heels as works of art I can wear on My perfect feet, you fantasise about licking them clean, sniffing inside them, sucking on their heel. If you want to earn the privilege of worshipping some of My most beloved possessions though, you’re going to have to show Me you deserve it. Can you be a good boy for Me, as I collar you and make you crawl on your knees behind Me while I hold your leash. Let’s find out…

Foot/Sneaker/Sock Smelling

I know all about foot boys like you. I know that as much as you love the idea of worshipping My clean, freshly showered feet, you crave something a little more…raw. You want nothing more than to experience My feet at their sweatiest and most fragrant. You want so desperately to bury your eager nose in My gym shoes, to sniff My smelly gym socks, and to feel yourself getting completely lost in the intoxicating scent of My sweaty, tired, gym feet. So what are you waiting for?

Shoe/Boot Cleaning

How humiliating would it be to come to visit Me for a foot worship session, only to be made to lick the dirt from My shoes and boots instead? Humiliating, degrading, and yet… you just twitched at the thought of it. Didn’t you? Come lick the filth from My boots and shoes while I sit there watching, instructing, and mocking you. If you do a good enough job, maybe I’ll let you kiss My feet after all.


You know your place is beneath Me. Figuratively and literally. You can be my doormat. I’ll walk all over you and you’ll love every second of it. Maybe I’ll show a little mercy and trample you barefoot, or maybe I’ll leave heel marks all over your body or boot prints all over your face. You’ll have to book a session to find out how sadistic I’m feeling that day.


Human Foot Stool/Dehumanisation/Ignore Fantasy: Some of you know that you’ll never be worthy of My attention, even if you’re paying Me for My time. But that doesn’t mean I can’t find a use for you. I can always use a human footstool to rest My tired feet on and you can be that footstool. Yes, YOU. Just don’t expect Me to acknowledge you. Furniture can’t speak after all…

Foot Smothering

I know you love how much control My feet have over you. What better way to demonstrate that control than by using them to smother your face and only letting you breathe when I decide to grant you that privilege? How long do you think you can last under them? Let’s find out, shall we?

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